Top 5 Ways To Stage Your Home

Ready to put your home on the market? Before you do, consider getting it in tip-top shape! You want your home to look in it's best condition and shape to encourage getting the best offers - potentially getting offers that are over the list price. In this blog, we'll go over top 5 ways to stage your home so it feels like new!


  • 1. DE-CLUTTER:
    The most important step to staging your home is to first start off by decluttering. By removing extra furniture and personal belongings, you can help open up the space for potential buyers to see the home for what it is, instead of struggling to see it through your personal stuff. When you declutter, be sure to depersonalize the home by taking down family photos and personal art. This helps buyers get the sense that the home could be theirs instead of the feeling that they are intruding in someone else's personal space.
    Making minor repairs can go a long way. Fix holes in walls from nails, replace light bulbs, add new batteries to fire alarms, and any other things that can be an easy fix. Paying attention to these minor details, that most buyers will actually take notice of, can help present the fact that you have taken care of the condition of the home.
    Bring in the natural light. Remove window curtains to let as much natural light through the home as possible. Add lamps to dark rooms that don't have a lot of window light. You can even add mirrors across from windows to help reflect more natural light through the room. Brighten up your space to make it feel more inviting. Open up windows to help deodorize any musty smells.
    Nothing makes a home feel like new like adding a fresh coat of paint. If you can't afford to paint the whole house, be sure to freshen up the paint in main living spaces. If you have any bold colors, repaint them to a neutral shade. You want a blank slate that feels clean and refreshed so buyers can see their own plans come to life in your home.
    Invest in some real flowers and plants to put throughout the house. Adding some flowers helps to perfume the rooms with a natural scent and can really perk up a room's decor.