Reasons Your Home Won't Sell

If your home has been sitting on the market for a few weeks, or even months, you may be starting to feel frustrated. Maybe you put your home on the market because you found another dream house? Or maybe life is taking you in a different direction - like a new state or country. Whatever your motivation is to sell, not getting an offer on it quickly can sometimes take away our motivation to move. Generally, it's a pretty simple fix. There are a few main reasons your home may be sitting stagnant on the market.



Did you know the #1 reason a home won't sell is because of the price? With so many online estimate tools, sellers can often be misguided by what their home is worth in current market conditions. If you don't take into consideration the price your agent recommends, you could be sitting on the market for a while and lose the "newness" of the home on the market - which is a valuable marketing asset when it comes to getting your home in front of potential buyers. If your home has been sitting stale on the market, sit down with your agent and do a price adjustment that will attract real offers.


If you don't have an open schedule to let buyers tour your home, it can really diminish the opportunity to get an offer. When you list your home, understand that buyers are going to want to view the property at different times of the week and during different hours. If there truly is something that will interfere with you being able to open the home to be viewed, sit down with your agent, so she/he can make note of that in the scheduling details online. Try to have a pretty open plate when it comes to approving buyer requests to view the home. The more people you get through it, the better chance you have of getting an offer. 


When a buyer walks into your home, you want to ensure they can envision it as their own. That won't be an easy task if the house is cluttered with too much personal stuff. Try to store away as much clutter and furniture as possible, preferably in a storage unit. Be sure to remove family photos so you also depersonalize the space. Buyers want to look at your house, not your stuff. So make sure you have as much of a clean slate as possible so they can see themselves living there. 


From odors, to dirty floors and dishes, and dust everywhere. A sure fire way to scare off a buyer is to keep your home in an non-presentable condition. If you want an offer on your home, make sure it looks like it's in great shape. We recommend hiring a professional to come clean the home prior to listing it, then having your family make the effort to keep it clean until it sells. Especially during showings. 


Wanting to sell your home as-is may sound like an appealing concept, but if you don't take the time to make repairs, it could really cost you. Be sure to go over with your agent anything she recommends fixing throughout the house to help it present in the best way. This could include things as small as patching up nail holes, replacing light bulbs, changing batteries in the fire alarms, etc.

Just be open to listening to what your agent recommends. With her or his expertise, they'll be able to guide you in the right direction so you get a great offer on your home in a timely manner.